Pine Rings

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Pine Rings
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Rustic Pine Rings for Wedding Centre Peices and Decoration.

Rings are cut on a bandsaw for a flatter surface than a chainsaw.

Sizes are approximate and shapes and bark type vary (oval/round)
Small (mm) - 200 - 300 diameter x 30mm thick
Medium (mm) - 300 - 400 diameter x 30mm thick
Large (mm) - 400 - 500 diameter x 30mm thick

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NOTE: Dispatch of pine rings will be on MONDAYS


As these pine log rings naturally shrink as they season it is possible that the bark may detach and fall off and the timber may split after a few months depending on how they are stored etc

• We do our best to season them to partially dry them out before they are sold.

• If they are not stored in an area that provides good ventilation it is possible that they may get sap stained and grow mould. You should also prevent storing them in the direct sun as this will cause them to dry out too fast.

• When you receive the package if they are being shipped to you please unpack and remove the rings from the box into a ventilated area as soon as possible. See tips for storing correctly below.

• For best results we like to cut the rings fresh approximately one month before they are dispatched. Please bare this in mind when ordering.

As we have no control over what happens to the rings once they leave Woodzone, we take no responsibility or accept any returns for any deterioration that may occur due to incorrect storage, natural seasoning or lack of care.

Tips of how to store correctly

Store in an area with a draft or good ventilation in the shade i.e. carport, veranda

Store them stacked so that the air can circulate all around them i.e. on edge leaning on each other or stacked flat with spaces between. Do not stack them flat directly on top of each other without spaces.

Avoid poorly ventilated damp areas or extended periods of direct sunlight


Out of Stock


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