Timbers We Use

We specialise in manufacturing furniture out of native timber.
Listed below is some information about some of the most popular timbers we use.

Please note:  We do not sell timber as a raw material.
We manufacture the timber we obtain into quality furniture, gifts and crafts.


Heart Rimu

Heart Rimu is perferred for furniture making; it generally has a dark streaky grain and is harder than the timber from other parts of the tree. It can be found in clear lengths or sometimes knotty with character. Heart Rimu is becoming increasingly difficult to find, but is still available although getting more expensive.

OB Rimu

OB Rimu is from the smaller younger trees and the outside of larger trees. It is lighter in colour and slightly softer than the heart wood too. Is widely used for furniture and takes a stain well if darkening is required.

Recycled Rimu

This timber is ex demolition material from old buildings, so it has nail holes and knots et.  This is also availbale in heart or OB, and you can request whether you would perfer it cleaner looking or with lots of nail holes and knots. We can usually tell you which building it came from and this makes a good conversation point. The larger nail/bolt holes that are in the tops etc are normally filled with black filler.


NZ Heart Kauri

NZ Heart Kauri is probabaly the most famous New Zealand native, renowned for its perfectly straight grain with very few knots. It has a lovely golden luster which captures the light in a unique way. A very stable timber that machines extremely well, ideal for tunring and carving. Some great character can be found in the timber from head logs and stumps.

NZ Swamp Kauri

NZ Swamp Kauri basically has the same timber characteristics as described with NZ Heart Kauri only it's been buried in the swamps for up to 40,000 years, there are varying qualities available depending on the soil that it has been buried in. The timber is often preserved remarkably well and it is sometimes hard to distinguish from new Kauri. Usually there is some discolouration making it slightly greyer/darker than the new Kauri. Stability is not quite as good, but dried correctly it is generally not a problem. It can make good 'natural edge' tables etc. Some great character can be found in the head log and stump material.

NZ Recycled Kauri

NZ Recycled Kauri is Ex demolition material from old buildings has nail holes etc otherwise it has all of the qualities of new timber. There is usually some blackening around the nail holes giving it that genuine recycled look. You can request the amount of character you would like but it may be subject to availability.

Matai (Limited Availablility)

Heart Matai

Heart Matai is preferred for furniture making. This is quite a dense, hard timber that takes an oiled finished very well. It is reddish brown in colour and is a lot less streaky apprearance than Rimu, has a lovely warmth to it and makes a nice piece of furniture.

Recycled Matai

Recycled Matai is ex demolition material from old buildings with knots and nail holes, makes a great rustic looking piece, it has a lot of blackening around the nail holes giving it genuine recycled appeal. You can request a lot of character or just a little. As with all recycled timber we can usually tell you which building it has come from.

Eucalyptus (Gum)

Eucalyptus is a NZ grown hardwood. We highly recommend this timber as a very durable hardwearing wood commonly used for commerical tables, bars, and benches. Some very attractive domestic furniture can also be made from this timber. Availability is good and is priced reasonably well. Various varieties available, most common would be Pilularis which has a constant sandy blonde colour and Saligna which has a pinkish colouring. Eucalyptus also accepts a stain well if other colourings are required.

Macrocarpa (Cypress)

Macrocarpa has a blonde golden colour and is often mistaken for Kauri. Furniture can be made from clears, i.e. no knots or from quite knotty timber. Macrocarpa is a very durable timber lasting outdoors untreated for 30 years onwards. Machines and works very well. Availability is not a problem and carries an attractive price.